E&A Life

Leavenworth Neighborhood Development

Construction is underway on a new addition to the Omaha metro that will provide additional living and parking to benefit UNMC employees and students.

Cheers to 35+ Years!

Mark has been a true leader and an excellent example to our employees over the years.

E&A Contributes to New West Omaha Developments

Exciting things are ahead for West Omaha and we are thrilled to be involved!

2021 Summer Interns

Read about what the E&A 2021 class of interns did this summer.

Ralston Redevelopment

Recent redevelopment projects associated with the Hinge Master Plan have given Kyle Vohl a chance to improve his hometown of Ralston, NE.

Monthly Core Value Spotlight 2021

Each month we recognize the efforts made by our employees to go above and beyond their daily duties. Read the 2021 spotlights here!