Platting & Entitlements

The platting and entitlement process is the life blood of any development.  The entitlement process by definition is the legal method of obtaining approvals for the right to develop a piece of property for a particular use or uses within a city; platting is the legal process of dividing that entitled property into sellable lots.  However, the platting and entitlement process can be complicated, time consuming and frustrating for those that are not familiar with the process.  That’s where having the right team to gaining approvals in a timely and efficient manner through any city process is key to adding value to your project and property.  At E&A, we have over 50 years of platting and entitlement experience and a talented team dedicated specifically to the platting and entitlement process and your needs as a developer or property owner.

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Jason Thiellen

CEO / Planning Services

Department Manager

Omaha, Lincoln