2023 Internship Program

E&A's internship provides opportunities to meet and connect with various people within the company. There are many company outings, such as the Topgolf experience, which is a fun and exciting way to meet who you'll be working with. I also gained personal development skills in socializing and meeting people in a professional setting from the speed networking activity.

Jordan Jurgens
E&A Civil Engineering Intern

E&A has welcomed 11 students from four universities and one high school student through a partnership with Intern Omaha. These students have spent the summer gaining real-world involvement in the civil engineering industry while contributing fresh ideas and perspectives to Our Company. We provide our interns with a rewarding, professional experience to help jumpstart their careers and aid in developing them professionally. Learn first-hand experience from one of our interns this summer below.

E&A Internship Experience

Alison Fricke, Municipal Services Intern

I was first introduced to E&A at a career fair during my sophomore year in the University of Nebraska Omaha civil engineering program. I had a goal to secure a summer internship that would provide me with practical insights into the engineering field and enable me to gain valuable experiences. I can say, with pride, that I have achieved that goal because I have now been at E&A through two summer internships. This company has served as a strong foundation for my professional growth and development.

As I began my first summer internship at E&A, I was filled with curiosity and anticipation, uncertain about what to expect. Over three months, I participated in the internship program, which focuses on career-oriented knowledge and prioritizes interns’ personal and professional growth. Interns engage in networking events, an exploration series, leadership interviews, volunteering, and an intern-led service project. Witnessing E&A’s commitment to our growth as interns solidified my decision to return for a second summer, bringing me additional opportunities for learning and professional advancement.

While I was a civil engineering intern my first summer, my proficiency in CAD was limited to drawing basic lines, but by the end of the summer, I had made significant progress. E&A provided an AutoCAD training program that included weekly meetings and mini-projects, greatly enhancing my understanding of the fundamentals. My supervisor was crucial to my development by providing mentorship throughout my internship. E&A demonstrated exceptional flexibility with my schedule and recognized that my academic commitments took precedence. Throughout the year, I contributed to various projects, ranging from apartment sites to neighborhood pipe networks and stormwater pollution prevention plan designs throughout Nebraska.

This summer, I joined E&A’s municipal services team, allowing me to acquire valuable field experience. A significant part of my role involved ensuring the proper maintenance of sanitary improvement districts, which are residential communities. I observed street repairs and park improvements, conducted culvert inspections, and interacted with contractors and residents impacted by our projects. Working in the field has provided me with firsthand exposure to the challenges of implementing plans devised in an office environment. This experience underscored the importance of adaptability and problem-solving skills in finding practical solutions to unexpected situations.

My journey as an E&A intern has been valuable and rewarding. I have gained extensive experience and cultivated meaningful networking connections. I have learned the significance of taking pride in my work, demonstrating a strong work ethic, and prioritizing maintaining a healthy work-life balance.