Core Values Spotlight 2023

Every month, the leadership team recognizes employees who have been nominated by co-workers for going the extra mile and embodying E&A’s core values: Our People, Our Customers, and Our Company. The award includes a prime parking spot for the month, along with a car detail service.

JANUARY: Danny Kaven, Civil Engineering Technician

We were struggling with an as-built drone topography that was too large to share with external clients and we needed a quick solution, but lacked the specific knowledge to address it ourselves. I asked Danny for any suggestions and he came through with a solution that we could verify and use immediately. I was then able to compare our design surface to the as-built surface and, with confidence, inform the engineer and external clients of the results. With the high demand of both clients and contractors at this time of year, it is critical that their needs are met as they are requested.

*Submitted by Mike Rupp, Civil Engineering Technician

What sets this example apart?
Two things stand out with this situation: first, Mike quickly understood that he needed help and utilized the resources available to him. He didn’t waste time; rather, he was focused on getting the job done asap. Second, Danny also recognized the situation and made it his priority until it was resolved. Clients generally do not understand the complexity of what we do, but they do appreciate timely answers. Great job to both Mike & Danny!