Street Reconstruction

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reason for the work?
One of the responsibilities of your neighborhood’s Sanitary & Improvement District (SID) is to recondition the streets and sidewalks to extend their life as well as improve walking and driving conditions. As the District’s Engineer, E & A Consulting Group, Inc. (E&A) evaluates the condition of the streets and sidewalks and presents those findings to the SID Board to determine the areas to be addressed. The work to be done is determined by the highest need and what is within the SID’s budget.   

Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns?
Please contact our on-site Observer with any questions about this project. Their contact information can be found on the 2022 Street Reconstruction page in the file link associated with each SID.

When will the work begin and end?
Once you begin to see pink paint markings on the streets, the work will begin soon. Most projects take 2 to 3 weeks to complete, weather permitting. Please contact the on-site Observer for more specific dates and times of certain areas.

Will there be any road closures?
Contractors are required to keep one lane open during construction. There may be temporary closures for loading and unloading of trucks or for safety purposes.

Will I be able to use my driveway?
Driveways shall not be blocked off without the permission of the Homeowner. The Contractor will contact the Homeowner if a full closure is needed.

Who is doing the work?
The street work is contracted out to the lowest qualified bidder.

For how long will areas be barricaded?
In general, repaired areas will need to be barricaded for 3 to 5 days for the concrete cure. High traffic areas may be poured with a different concrete mix that cures more quickly and allows for the road to be opened sooner.

Who is responsible for damages to my property?
The Contractor is responsible to repair any damage to personal property that is caused by the Contractor. Please contact your on-site Observer to coordinate repairs, if needed.

How do I know what areas are being repaired?
Areas to be repaired will be marked out in pink paint and numbered according to the repair map.  Please see the map on the Street Reconstruction page linked with the specific SID.

Homeowner Letters
E&A will put letters on the doors of properties directly affected by the repairs. If repairs are being done along your property, you should receive a letter explaining what to expect in further detail.

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