Cornhusker Road Mitigation

Papillion, NE

The goal of this project was to design a mitigation plan for wetland impacts along Cornhusker Road between 180th and 192nd. The design was done based on a report conducted by a different firm, as E&A did not perform the wetland delineation.


A wetland mitigation plan is required for all projects that impact more than 0.1 acres of jurisdictional wetlands. Wetland impacts along Cornhusker Road between 180th Street and 192th Street totaled 0.36 acres. E&A designed a mitigation plan to construct a 1.44 acre floodplain wetland for Sarpy County that would allow them to receive their Nationwide Permit. The plan included grading, seeding, hydrology, upland buffer, site protection instrument, short and long term management and performance standards. Once the site was constructed, E&A completed the as-built report, and will handle the five years of annual monitoring to ensure the site meets performance expectations set by the USACE.


Services Provided

Wetlands Services
Legal Descriptions
Topographical Surveys

Key Partners

Sarpy County
BHI Development