US-30, Rogers to Fremont

Fremont, NE

Project Description

This new project segment was the key final piece to a complete four-lane divided expressway system on US-30 between Fremont and Columbus, Nebraska’s sixth and tenth largest cities. After reviewing several alignment options with NDOT, the final alignment followed the old US-30 for two miles before heading northeast on a completely new alignment for over 18 miles.

E&A was responsible for the roadway design of this 20.5-mile project in its entirety; from preliminary through final design, as well as a hydraulic and hydrologic ice-affected study, hydraulic surveys to support the study, and a final report. We also provided design support for environmental documentation and permitting and assisted with public meetings.

Our designers were able to create a model using MicroStation/GEOPAK OpenRoads and produce final plans to meet a very aggressive project schedule. E&A staff also worked with NDOT on preparing a Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) which has been reviewed and approved by FEMA.

The Rogers to North Bend segment of the project construction has been completed. The North Bend to Fremont segment is currently under construction and will be completed in Spring 2024.

At its completion, the project will have placed approximately 935,000 SY of 10” concrete, 8,600 feet of culvert pipe, and 2,600 linear feet of guardrail.


Key Partners

Nebraska Department of Transportation
Cities of North Bend and Fremont, Nebraska
Dodge County, Nebraska
North Bend Drainage District