Nebraska Hop Producers

Plattsmouth, NE

E&A coordinated a change of zoning and design to turn this golf course into a unique event space surrounded by a working farm, research facility and hop production facility.

Wiles Development has worked with E&A for over nine years on many different property development projects. We continue to find E&A’s staff easy to work with, knowledgeable and they always have their clients’ best interest in mind.

Annette Wiles, Owner
Wiles Development


The Plattsmouth Country Club has been given a new life, moving from a golf course to a mixed-use development with a single-family residence, 25 acres of hops production, hops research, hops processing, greenhouses, tap room, rental venue, outdoor festival space and cabins.

Key Partners

Carlson West Povondra Architects
Midwest Hops Producers
Smith Slusky Law