Fountain Ridge Business Park

Omaha, NE

Fountain Ridge brings a unique office park to anchor West Omaha. This live-work-play community provides diverse opportunities for not only business, but also shopping, entertainment, and living. E&A has been a critical partner in bringing this project to fruition and we are excited to see this next chapter of West Omaha.

Mike Homa
President, R&R Realty Group

Project Description

The Fountain Ridge West business park was designed to host upscale office space and provide many new opportunities for business growth in the Omaha metro area. Phase I of the project consists of 180,000 sf of Class A office space. There are two underground parking garages and a commons area, which includes hardscapes and amenities for guests to enjoy. The Waterford is the first building of the proposed 440,000 sf at Fountain Ridge, with three additional office buildings to come in the near future. The park is estimated to be valued at $93 million once completed.