Industrial Building

Omaha, NE

E&A conducted a Phase I ESA for this property in North Downtown Omaha. The property contained multiple offices, maintenance buildings, storage facilities and a large 12,000-gallon Diesel Above-Ground Storage Tank (AST). The assessment was conducted in three weeks and fulfilled the requirements set forth in ASTM E1527-13.


This property was the former location of the Deffenbaugh Disposal Service, owned and operated at the time by Waste Management as a base of operations for the maintenance, repair, washing and fueling of trash hauling trucks. They also used it to store garbage receptacles and trash compactors. Recognized Environmental Conditions, Historical Recognized Environmental Conditions and Controlled Recognized Environmental Conditions were identified during the Phase I ESA. Additional appropriate investigation was recommended as a result of the Phase I ESA due to historical contamination of the site from spills and leaks of petroleum products.

Key Partners

Colliers International
FCC Environmental Services Nebraska, LLC