MS4 Compliance Inspections

Omaha, NE

Since 2011, E&A has worked alongside the City of Omaha to conduct annual compliance inspections for the various permitted and unpermitted industrial facilities within the City of Omaha’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) jurisdiction. Activities at industrial facilities, such as material handling and storage, can lead to stormwater pollution when exposed to runoff from rain or snowmelt. The City of Omaha Industrial Stormwater MS4 Program requires that 20% of permitted facilities within their jurisdiction be inspected.


E&A has conducted industrial compliance inspections on behalf of the City of Omaha for 180+ industrial facilities within the MS4 jurisdiction since 2011. E&A has inspected industrial facilities that conduct electrostatic painting, metal fabrication, freight transfer, meat packing, plastic molding, printing, auto recycling, concrete production, asphalt batching and more. As private consultants, E&A offers industrial facility managers a different perspective on how to comply with stormwater regulations. During compliance inspections, E&A assists the City of Omaha with educating facility personnel about the applicable regulations, stormwater controls, good housekeeping measures and recordkeeping procedures that fulfill the NPDES permit requirements in order to maintain MS4 compliance.

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