Greater Omaha Packing

Omaha, NE

The overall goal of this project was to design and permit an Industrial Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for the Greater Omaha Packing facility that would comply with the regulations and guidelines set forth by the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy.  Greater Omaha Packing is a meatpacking plant that processes meat from cattle ranchers throughout the Midwest. Best Management Practices (BMPs) were designed to minimize the exposure, clean up and address spills and prevent pollution from entering into the City of Omaha MS4 Stormwater System.


The State of Nebraska has authorized the discharge of stormwater from industrial activities under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) General Permit. E&A originally designed the SWPPP in 2012, re-permitted the meatpacking plant in 2016 and updated the SWPPP in 2018.  Greater Omaha Packing is permitted under SIC Code 2011 (Meat Packing Plants), Sector U – Food and Kindred Products. The SWPPP was designed to prevent stormwater from coming into contact with animal processing activities. As the facility has continued to expand and grow, E&A has continued to redesign and incorporate Post-Construction Stormwater Management Plans into its Industrial SWPPP. These BMPs include a Post-Construction Bay Separator, Stormwater Collector Pit, a Bio-Retention Pond, Downspout Filters and a StormTech System.

Services Provided

Industrial Stormwater Permitting
PCSMP Inspections
Site Development


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