Daniell Trail

Bellevue, NE

The City of Bellevue had long planned to create this trail extension as part of their master plan, but laying the initial groundwork was a more daunting task, requiring nearly two years of advance coordination.

The trail was a joint effort involving Sarpy County, the City of Bellevue, the Papio-Missouri River NRD and three E&A managed SIDs, Pipers Glen, Tregaron and Oakhurst. E&A worked extensively with all of these entities to determine a plan for funding and ongoing trail maintenance prior to construction.

Thanks to the help of E&A, the Daniell Trail project led by Sarpy County Public Works now provides an important neighborhood connection to the Keystone Trail and the surrounding trail network. E&A brought six contributing local agencies together and created a design that completed the objective with limited available project funds. With involvement through initial planning, design, permitting, construction inspection and staking, the project benefited from E&A’s seamless project experience.

Dennis Wilson
Sarpy County Engineer


The Daniell Trail is an 8’ wide recreational trail almost a mile and a half long with 2 pedestrian bridges that winds its way along a creek, providing connections between the neighborhoods and to the Bellevue Loop Trail and the rest of the Omaha area trail system. The trail meets accessibility guidelines for a shared use path and there was minimal disturbance to the creek.  The project also rehabilitated an old cracked sidewalk in Bellevue’s Stonecraft Park. Residents were already using the trail before it was officially opened and many residents now use the trail to get to nearby schools and commercial districts.

Key Partners

SID #215: Piper’s Glen
SID #186: Oakhurst
SID #171: Tregaron
City of Bellevue
Sarpy County, NE
Papio-Missouri River NRD
Fullenkamp, Doyle, and Jobeun
Thiele Geotech
Swain Construction, Inc.
Alfred Benesch & Company