SumTur Crossing

Papillion, NE


The overall goal of this project was to complete the tree removal associated with Phase II of the SumTur Crossing residential development and allow for the grading of a residential lot and sediment basin. The majority of the tree clearing and grading of the site was completed outside the nesting season. Due to the trees being located in a wetland area, tree clearing couldn’t be completed until a 404 permit was approved. Upon receipt of the approved permit, 14 trees were designated for removal along with 0.1 acres of ground disturbance.

To meet the client’s schedule, E&A contacted the grading contractor at the end of the site visit with a verbal go-ahead, as no active nests were found on site. This gave the contractor the ability to start work while E&A completed the official report. A photo log and written report were provided to the client to keep on file.

*Note: An avian nest survey must be conducted or supervised by a qualified biologist. Avian nest surveys must be completed no more than 3 days before the removal of trees, shrubs, or vegetation that may contain an active nest. The MBTA is applicable year-round, but most migratory bird nesting in Nebraska takes place between April and September.

Key Partners

HRC Development
Nebraska Game and Parks
U.S. Fish and Wildlife