Springfield Business Park

Springfield, NE


The overall goal of this project was to develop Lot 2 Springfield Business Park into storage units as part of the Springfield Business Park Development in Springfield, NE. Minor grading and tree clearing were necessary during the MBTA primary nesting window to accomplish this.

The area of investigation was 6.65 acres. 12 inactive nests were observed. Five active nests were observed, including one northern cardinal, two American robins, and two mourning doves. To meet the client’s schedule, E&A flagged the locations of the active nests and contacted the grading contractor at the end of the site visit to explain which trees to avoid and for how long.

*Note: An avian nest survey must be conducted or supervised by a qualified biologist. Avian nest surveys must be completed no more than 3 days before the removal of trees, shrubs, or vegetation that may contain an active nest. The MBTA is applicable year-round, but most migratory bird nesting in Nebraska takes place between April and September.

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