Monthly Core Value Spotlight

Every month, the leadership team recognizes employees who have been nominated by co-workers for an action, or set of actions, that embody E&A’s core values: Our People, Our Customers, and Our Company.

JULY: Justin Abbott, Systems Administrator

Due to COVID, we now offer a Zoom option when we host neighborhood meetings for projects. Justin has gone out of his way to help me on numerous occasions to get the items I need (camera, mic, extension cord, set up computer etc.). He has also taken my calls after working hours to log into Zoom to test that he can hear us and see the presentation. Justin also helps around the office with any random questions I may have, he is always there to help me or get me what I may need. He has been a great add to E&A and a great example of serving our internal customers.

*Submitted by Leslie Fitzgerald, Executive Assistant

What sets this example apart?
Justin has not only set Leslie up for success, but also follows through to ensure things go smoothly. These project and neighborhood meetings take place outside of E&A, and during evenings, which is atypical for Justin to have involvement. Yet, he took on the additional responsibility without hesitation and continues to deliver. Thank you, Justin! And thank you for the submittal, Leslie!

MAY: Crystal Alley, Receptionist

Recently I heard a few clients come in to the office for a meeting, and Crystal greeting them all. One particular client came in and she greeted him by name and said “Good morning! I knew you were coming in this morning. Here, I made you your own pot of coffee!” She later told me that she noticed that he was coming in for back-to-back meetings, and that was why she made him a pot of coffee. She planned ahead and anticipated what he would want. I know I would appreciate that if I were the client!

*Submitted by Nancy Mills, Transportation & Public Works Technician

What sets this example apart?
It’s often a multitude of little things, or details, that truly strengthen any genuine relationship. Crystal’s attention to detail and then
execution were enough to make Nancy appreciative, and it’s safe to say our client felt the same. Many of us refer to E&A as family, and actions like this help reinforce that feeling for employees and clients alike.

APRIL: Nate Huebner, PE, and Crystal Garstang, PE, Civil Engineers

Nate and Crystal have been working on a very demanding project involving an important client. The scope has changed several times, but the deadline for the submittal has stayed the same. The two of them buckled down for a month straight, committing the hours necessary (which involved significant overtime) to get it done for the Plan in Hand. After the Plan in Hand, the scope changed again, and the next submittal is quickly approaching so they are both digging in to make it happen, while balancing their other projects and clients. I really appreciate the ownership and dedication both of them have shown to help E&A made a good impression on these clients.

*Submitted by Joan Green, PE, Transportation & Public Works Department Manager

What sets this example apart?
In our industry, deadlines are extremely important to the success of our clients and therefore Our Company. Further, taking ownership of any project or task is integral to any team. If we can successfully pass the baton of responsibility from one person to another, we exponentially grow the trust and efficiency between each of us. Crystal and Nate’s willingness to ensure this project was successful is outstanding.

MARCH: Eric Schaben and Brian Haverkamp, Land Surveying Project Managers, and Randy Pierce, Construction Administration Department Manager

A client came into the office for a late afternoon meeting on one of the days when the temperature was below zero. He had gotten a flat tire on the interstate and made it to the parking lot of a business nearby. He then walked to our office from there, but had to worry about how he was going to get the tire fixed. I told him I would see what I could do and went to Eric, explained the situation and asked who E&A uses for when company vehicles breakdown. He went to Randy to get his thoughts, and they decided that they would just change it for him because it would be faster. Without hesitation Eric, Randy and Brian went out into the cold and took care of the flat tire. I don’t think it would have mattered who it was, they were willing to help.

*Submitted by Michele Czerwinski, Receptionist

What sets this example apart?
Thank you to Michele for seizing upon the opportunity to assist a client with a personal challenge. Then she carried it through until she found someone who could help. Before we get too carried away with the work done by Eric, Randy and Brian, we should mention that the actual temperature was a balmy 1°F, rather than below zero. In all seriousness though, we are so proud of how they handled this situation. They truly put themselves out to lend a helping hand.

FEBRUARY: Jim Hammitt, Construction Administration Manager

We recognized Jim Hammitt, who passed away in late December of 2020. His positivity and dedication to his role at E&A was something to admire.

Read more about Jim and the wonderful contributions he made to E&A here:
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JANUARY: Brett Conyers, Civil Engineer and Jason Liekhus, Civil Engineering Technician

The planning team was putting together a Due Diligence Report and Special Use Permit submittal for a large-scale industrial site. Responsiveness was very important for this project to go smoothly. A quick turn-around was required and there were a number of site plan changes while working through this project. Brett & Jason, who helped put together site plans, grading, paving & utilities for the submittal and report, put in a lot of extra effort and worked extra hours to get this done and kept on top of communication with the client and our team. With their help, we were able to hit our deadlines and keep the client satisfi­ed.

*Submitted by Nickie Napierala, Planning Services Specialist

What sets this example apart?
This exemplifies the teamwork that is required for our company to not only survive, but to thrive. Whether it is within a team, among departments or between offices, strong teamwork is the hallmark of E&A’s success. Knowing that you can count on a teammate to hold up their end is a great feeling, freeing you from worry and anxiety which, in turn, allows you to focus on your responsibilities. Great job, Brett & Jason!