Core Value Spotlight: December

December Winners: Frank Elder, Land Surveying Senior Technician, and Richard Skarin, Land Surveying Technician

Every month, E&A’s leadership team recognizes an employee, who has been nominated by a co-worker for an action or set of actions that embodies the company’s core values. This month, two employees were recognized.

The workload for the survey department has been very strong since September 1st. Unfortunately, we have been down two party chiefs for much of this period. We are blessed that our office staff has been able to pick up the slack and take care of some minor field work. I’d particularly like to recognize Frank Elder and Richard Skarin for their extra efforts, voluntarily going above and beyond to help the department. Both men have field experience, so they understand the importance of this work. Frank runs our drone program and has worked some long days this past month. His drone flights have provided topography on projects that are essential to keeping the design teams on schedule. Rich has helped out in the field on numerous days, including some Saturdays. The additional help from Frank and Richard has taken some pressure off the field team as they serve our internal and external customers.

*Submitted by Jason Headley, Land Surveying Department Manager 

No matter your position in your department, sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves and get a job done. Jumping back out into the field after being in the office isn’t a small ask, especially when it includes Saturdays! Both Frank and Rich understand this, and realized that they had the experience and ability to help. They stepped up to get the field work completed so the office work could continue to get processed and out to our engineering teams and clients. Great job Rich and Frank!!