Core Value Spotlight: April

Our Core Values in Action

April Winner: Matt Taylor, Civil Engineering Technician

Every month, E&A’s leadership team recognizes an employee who has been nominated by a co-worker for an action or set of actions that embodies the company’s core values.

Matt is always striving to improve the design processes at E&A. The engineering department recently took over pavement warp design from the construction administration department. Matt took it upon himself to learn about the process and developed a worksheet for calculating warps. He reached out to our civil engineering department manager and me for input, refined the worksheet and then presented it to the entire department. Matt also created a change log to track and document project design changes and has worked with other designers on improving our grading processes.

*Submitted by Caleb Beasley, Civil Engineering Project Manager

This is a great example of owning the whole and not just your part. Matt took ownership of this challenge, leveraged other's experiences, created the tool, refined it, presented it to his group AND created a way to ensure that everyone was following the new process. This is how you make an impact. Great job Matt!!