Stalp Sand & Gravel

Wisner, NE

This project initially involved the wetland delineation of a 100-acre site for proposed sand and gravel mining operations. The Alternatives Analysis Report was particularly complicated, as it involved evaluating 50 miles of property along the Elkhorn River. Rebutting project opposition was also a challenge.

Acquiring an Individual Permit can be a challenging process. E&A’s work with the Corps of Engineers to obtain the Individual Permit was timely and effective.

Tim Stalp
Stalp Gravel Company


The delineation identified 2.82 acres of jurisdictional wetlands. Based on the proposed sand and gravel mining layout, 2.71 acres of Palustrine Emergent wetlands were to be impacted to accommodate the mining project. Since the proposed wetland impacts exceeded 0.5 acres, the Corps of Engineers required further evaluation of the wetland resources identified on the site through the Individual Permitting Process. E&A ended up conducting a wetlands delineation, mitigation and permitting.

Key Partners

Corps of Engineers
Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality