Falling Waters Mitigation

Douglas County, NE

The overall goal of this project was to provide annual wetland mitigation monitoring for the Falling Waters residential development. The original design had to be adjusted in the fifth year due to the site not meeting the required area necessary to satisfy the permit requirements.


As part of a wetland mitigation plan, a minimum of five years of annual mitigation monitoring is required for all projects that impact more than 0.1 acres of jurisdictional wetlands. Wetland impacts at the Falling Waters residential development required the mitigation of 1.73 acres of wetlands in Outlot A of the development. E&A was hired by the development owners to perform a wetland delineation for the site. Our team compared current site conditions to previous delineations and conducted mitigation monitoring as part of a permit issued in 2013, and a new permit completed by E&A in 2015.


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