Springbrook Community Garden

Omaha, NE

Residents of the Springbrook neighborhood wanted a community garden and brought this suggestion to E&A at a neighborhood meeting. After some research, plans were designed, approved and construction began. The idea caught the interest of many neighbors and a waiting list was started for future growing seasons.

“I shared my vision with Bob [Czerwinski] and he ran with it. The second time we got together, he brought design layout plans, suggestions for vendors and then put it all together. This allowed me to focus on getting the neighborhood informed and excited about the community garden. When I see my neighbors at the garden, everyone says ‘thank you for putting this together! We love it and can't wait to do it again next year!’”

Amie Carnahan
Springbrook resident and board member


E&A designed and coordinated construction of 26 raised beds, filling them with a mix of topsoil and dirt and added a tool hutch with message board, a water source and sprinkler system.  Residents were able to sign up for a bed of their own to plant and maintain for the year.

Key Partners

SID #296: Cedar Grove
Sarpy County, NE
Geis Inc.
Backlund Plumbing
City of Omaha, Nebraska (Eric Williams – sustainability planner)

Services Provided

SID Maintenance