Royal View

Gretna, NE

Royal View is a 17-acre, mixed-use development featuring market rate apartments near Highway 6. E&A provided construction administration for the sanitary sewer, storm sewer and paving construction to certify it for the City of Gretna. We also partnered with the state of Nebraska to tie into Highway 31.

I have had the unique experience of working with E & A Consulting Group as both a development client & a contractor. My experience with them as a contractor demonstrated to me that they were detail-oriented, but fair. They required full adherence to plans & specifications and those projects with which I was involved were well-engineered with minimal change orders. For this reason when I had an opportunity to select an engineering firm for our Royal View Development, E&A was at the top of my list. I would sum up E&A ‘s performance in one word: Outstanding.

Jim Gregory, Vice President


Communication with adjacent home-owners was critical during this project since some stages of construction effected access to their driveways. As with many projects, some neighbors supported the progress and others were inconvenienced by the development. E&A was mindful to minimize impacts to these homeowners, to avoid adding to their stress.

The methods of concrete construction required extensive observation to meet the smoothness requirements specified to provide a smooth ride.

Royal View Apartment Community includes:

  • 24,000+ SF of retail buildings
  • 120 multi-family units
  • 6,000 SF clubhouse
  • 4.4 acres of industrial lots

Key Partners