Poppleton Avenue Improvements

Omaha, NE

Poppleton Avenue and 78th Avenue were completed in the 1950’s and constructed out of non-standard, asphalt pavement with no storm sewer system. Over the years, the asphalt has deteriorated to a combination of crushed asphalt and gravel with numerous potholes, making driving unsafe. To improve their streets, the neighborhood residents formed a Street Improvement District with the intention of getting new asphalt pavement.

I have worked with E&A on two recent projects for the City of Omaha Public Works Department and the design and construction of these two projects went very well. The second project involved two street improvement districts for 78th Ave and Poppleton Ave. It was three blocks of residential street improvement work that was a joint improvement between the City and the residents. E&A attended the public meetings and did an excellent job of explaining the benefits of their design to the public. This resolved some of the discussions and allowed the projects to be constructed on schedule.

Jon Meyer, PE
City of Omaha Public Works


Working with the City of Omaha, E&A prepared preliminary designs and cost estimates for asphalt streets, as well as an option for concrete streets with storm sewers designed to City standards. At public meetings, we demonstrated to the residents that the concrete streets would actually cost less, have less impact on their landscaping and because they would met City standards, the residents would no longer be responsible for maintaining them. The residents voted overwhelmingly for the concrete street option. We then prepared final plans that included construction phasing to minimize disruptions to residents. The project was ultimately constructed on schedule and under budget.

Key Partners

City of Omaha
Graham Construction Company