Marinda Street Bridge

Omaha, NE

Windgate Ranch is a 265-lot development completed in two phases and nestled between three tree-lined waterways. The subdivision roadways cross 4 major creek segments. The Marinda Street Bridge and three decorative culverts were designed to link the subdivision, minimize tree removals and create a signature look for the neighborhood.


A 50 degree skew angle between the roadway and Box Elder Creek, and interference by major sewer and water lines crossing through the area presented the greatest challenges with the Marinda Street Bridge. The existing roadway pavement had to be accommodated by transitioning into a street curve west of the bridge and the five month design schedule meant tight coordination.

This new structure is a simple-span, 76 foot long pre-stressed girder bridge with a 28 foot roadway and attached pedestrian walkways on both edges. E&A’s design avoided existing sanitary sewer outfall and large water mains by optimally locating the structure.

Key Partners

Tom Falcone (developer)
SID #557, Douglas Co., Nebraska