Elkhorn Development

Norfolk, NE

E&A designed a big box retail center with supporting strip center, out-lots and adjacent multi-family residential with club house and outdoor amenities. Additional acres provide functional access and reserve land for future development.

In order to have success in a development project of any size, you need to have a good ‘team.’ The planning department of E & A Consulting Group plays a critical role in that team. Engaging E&A as early as possible in a project will save substantial time and money. They have the tools and expertise to guide a project from an idea to a reality.

Daniel J. Goaley, Executive Vice President
OMNE Partners


The Elkhorn Development plan is a retail center with a multi-family component. It includes:

  • 90,000 SF of retail buildings
  • 2 acres of out-lots
  • 120 multi-family units
  • 6,000 SF clubhouse
  • 26 acres of future development

Key Partners

OMNE Group