Dahlman Avenue

Omaha, NE

This industrial roadway presented dangerous conditions for truck drivers who often had to cross into oncoming traffic to make the tight turns. E&A was tasked with creating a new street that met current standards, while maintaining access for adjoining businesses during construction.

I have worked with E&A on two recent projects for the City of Omaha Public Works Dept. and the design and construction of these two projects went very well. The first project was a commercial/industrial collector street improvement to Dahlman Avenue, from F to H Street. This was a $1 million project to reconstruct and improve Dahlman Avenue for the current vehicle and traffic issues that plagued this area. Dahlman Ave is lined with commercial and industrial properties that have heavy, large truck traffic. The E&A design went very smoothly as they analyzed the needs and provided a design to limit the impacts to adjacent properties.

Jon Meyer, PE
City of Omaha Public Works


E&A was responsible for the design, construction staking, and construction administration for the rebuild of this heavily-used, industrial roadway in the Stockyards area of Omaha. The project included coordination and permitting with the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad to pave under their bridge, realignment of the Dahlman / H Street intersection to improve traffic operations and widening of the Dahlman / F Street and Dahlman / G Street intersections to improve truck movements.

E&A also reconfigured the driveway of a truck scale to comply with City driveway standards and coordinated with property owners on extensive construction sequencing to maintain access.  We prepared Right-of-Way drawings, easement acquisitions, and coordinated utility relocations.

Key Partners

City of Omaha
BNSF Railroad
TAB Construction Company