Arbor View

Omaha, NE

Arbor View is a single-family, residential community that was fast-tracked to ensure completion aligned to meet the desired opening of Arbor View Elementary.

Elkhorn Public Schools teamed with E&A and Charleston Homes on our latest elementary school project, Arbor View Elementary. E&A took a very collaborative approach in working with our team of architects and engineers. We were able to get our project done on time and within budget, due to their collaborative approach. Kyle Vohl was a great team leader and was very responsive to our needs and requests.

Ryan Lindquist, Executive Director of Business Support Services
Elkhorn Public Schools


The neighborhood has 235 lots, including the school, and was constructed in two phases. A third phase is currently being designed.  The project included widening Nebraska Highway 31 along the eastern frontage and Fort Street, to the north.

Key Partners

Charleston Homes
Elkhorn Public Schools
SID # 561, Douglas Co., Nebraska