Justin's New (For Now) Normal

My New (For Now) Normal

Justin Wojtkiewicz, Municipal Services Technician

Over the next couple of weeks, we will peek into the lives of some employees to see how they are adapting during this surreal time. 

How have things changed for you?
Balancing work and care for our 11-month-old son, Archer, has been the biggest adjustment over the past few weeks. My wife, Mandy, has been working from home and I have been taking off early to care for him so she can work. Then I work more in the evenings to try and stay caught up. My mother-in-law had previously cared for Archer during the day, but since she has battled health issues in the past, we decided it was best to keep him home.

Most of my job involves being out in the field and it hasn’t really slowed down. The challenge has been getting as much done as I can in the field during the day and then keeping that drive to continue working at home in the evenings. I am also communicating regularly with our team members to make sure that everyone is on the same page each day and that nothing falls through the cracks.

So how are we making it work?
It has been difficult at times. Just knowing that I am able to work while so many can’t keeps it all in perspective. It helps that I have a strong team that I can trust. When situations come up that need our attention and I can’t get there, I can count on them to do what needs to be done to resolve the issue. Sometimes it can all feel draining. But then I think about all the extra time I’m getting to spend with my son, seeing all his milestones that I might have otherwise missed and that definitely helps to ease the stress.

Advice for others in your same situation?
It’s really just finding a balance that works for your family. It took a few weeks and a few arguments for us to figure ours out but we seem to have it down now. We try and find a little positive in the situation each day. For me, it’s spending a little more time with my family. We’ve been through some difficult times in the past so I’ve learned to enjoy the little things all the more.