E&A Receives NCPA Award

E&A received an award of merit from the Nebraska Concrete Paving Association in the “Parking/Lot Miscellaneous” category. The project that brought on this recognition was a concrete replacement and overlay for the Brookfield Place office buildings at 2625 and 2637 S. 150th Street Plaza in Omaha, NE. Brookfield Place is now the new headquarters of Lyman-Richey Corporation.

The project was quite extensive. Building drainage and surface and groundwater improvements were first designed and constructed. Then approximately 4,173 square yards of parking lot were removed and replaced by 4,663 square yards of new pavement, with the addition of a 6-inch overlay. To accomodate the drainage improvements and final aesthetic look for the improvements, 865 square yards of sidewalk by both buildings were removed and replaced.

The final result gave Brookfield Place a fresh new look, and a more functional space.