Core Values Spotlight 2022

Every month, the leadership team recognizes employees who have been nominated by co-workers for going the extra mile and embodying E&A’s core values: Our People, Our Customers, and Our Company. The award includes a prime parking spot for the month, along with a car detail service.

APRIL: Kristin LaMantia, Construction Administration Coordinator

Kristin has continued to go above and beyond for our clients. The Street Reconstruction project we are working on needed streets marked out so the contractor could continue to work. All of the observer’s schedules were full, so Kristin took the time to go do the mark outs herself. I really appreciate her dedication to getting the job done! Kristin often goes above and beyond for our contractors to ensure they keep bidding on our projects to pursue a good working relationship with our company.

*Submitted by Meghan Clay, Construction Administration Administrative Assistant

What sets this example apart?
Kristin is living our Core Values by showing what it means to go above and beyond for our clients. This puts us closer to becoming the Preferred Provider by giving our clients Excellent Service and not letting anything fall through the cracks or get delayed. Thank you, Kristin, for recognizing what needed to be done and taking it upon yourself to get the job done!

MARCH: Dylan Schiltz, EI, Civil Engineering Designer

When I needed help recently on a very large project, Dylan volunteered to help out, even though this was not his team’s project. He worked several late nights, and even some weekends, to help get the project over the finish line, all while still maintaining the schedules on his own projects. It would have been extremely difficult to complete this project on time without Dylan’s assistance.

*Submitted by Caleb Beasley, PE, Civil Engineering Project Manager

What sets this example apart?
Dylan went out of his way to help another team while keeping up with his current workload. That willingness to take on more work and responsibility is a great example to all of us of not letting a ball drop and protecting our company’s brand of meeting deadlines. Great work Dylan!

FEBRUARY: Eric Schaben, RLS, Land Surveying Assistant Department Manager

Over the past few years, Eric has been refining the surveying services that he provides to me and the construction administration department, and it has gotten to the point that he is saving me a ton of time. For instance, instead of just providing me with the surveyors’ notes, he plots out the sanitary and sewer grades for me to review. If the grades are good, he summarizes them in a single sentence, minimizing my review of the work. If there are issues, Eric always presents me with solutions.
Additionally, in an effort to improve the communication between our departments, Eric scans the surveyors’ field notes, which makes them more available to our department (no more waiting for a book to come in from the field). These two examples have not only helped free up my time but have also improved the efficiency of the construction administration department. Eric has been a true example of what it means to live our Core Values.

*Submitted by Randy Pierce, PE, Construction Administration Department Manager

What sets this example apart?
Eric’s willingness to go above and beyond, repeatedly, is not only what sets this sighting apart, but it is what will continue to drive E&A forward. Not satisfied with just providing Randy with the data, Eric also plots the data out. Not satisfied with that, Eric also reviews the information and presents his findings to Randy. Not satisfied with that, Eric also brings forth solutions if there are problems. But wait, he slices, he dices, and does so much more! Eric has also taken it upon himself to increase the construction administration department’s access to the surveyors’ field notes. Great job, Eric!