Core Value Spotlight: September

Our Core Values in Action

September Winner: Kristin LaMantia, Construction Administration Coordinator

Every month, E&A’s leadership team recognizes an employee who has been nominated by a co-worker for an action or set of actions that embodies the company’s core values.

Kristin has been able to take a job dealing with two different departments (Construction Administration and Municipal Services) and expand it. She has used her experience from a previous job, where she learned plan reading and job site observation, and adapted that to her role at E&A. She now helps in quality control of plans and watching jobs. This past spring, she took it upon herself to come in early then go home to home-school her kids, then come back to work and stay late to finish her work.

She has become a vital piece of the communication between the engineers, construction administration department and the survey department. She is the person responsible for making sure that each department has the correct set of plans and organizing where each plan set is saved on the system. In the relatively short amount of time she was worked at E&A, she has shown how being the preferred provider and the company’s core values are supposed to work together.

*Submitted by Eric Schaben, Land Surveying Project Manager

This sighting includes numerous examples of how Kristin takes initiative. She does what is needed to get her job done, balancing with her personal life, but also expanding her role at E&A to help her team(s). It illustrates how she has taken on additional responsibilities where she can add value and help to meet our goals. Thanks for all that you’re doing, Kristin!