Core Value Spotlight: October

Our Core Values in Action

October Winner: Eric Schaben, Land Surveying Project Manager

Every month, E&A’s leadership team recognizes an employee who has been nominated by a co-worker for an action or set of actions that embodies the company’s core values. This month’s winner has the distinction of receiving THREE nominations. 

I approached Eric to discuss a way to better align information on our shared documents. He recognized that it could minimize errors if both departments used data in the same format and he was willing to adopt the engineering department standards.
*Submitted by Teresa Wooten, Municipal Services Engineer

We needed a boundary survey to keep a project moving forward quickly. Eric was able to get the field and office work pulled together in a day. Having this information helped the customer see possibilities for the site and it helped our internal team by reducing the potential for rework.
*Submitted by Jeff Stoll, Platting Services Assistant Manager

A grader called with a question about stakes in a neighboring field. Eric was able to comp the new limits and get a crew out to stake the next day. Later on, the grader called and said they were running out of places for dirt. We had a meeting and I promised a topo by the end of the week, but Eric scheduled a crew to do the topo the next day which allowed the grader to stay on the job. Eric was able to recognize the urgency of these situations and respond quickly so we could provide excellent customer service.
*Submitted by Caleb Beasley, Civil Engineering Project Engineer

Wow Eric, nominated three times!  Seems to me if you are looking for growth in embodying our Core Values, taking Eric to lunch and buying his secret to success would be a place to start!  In all of these sightings, it’s clear that Eric has become a resource for his internal clients, understands what they need to make customers happy and is willing to adjust to our ever-changing deadlines and schedules.  Great job Eric!!