Core Value Spotlight: March

March Winners: Eric Schaben and Brian Haverkamp, Land Surveying Project Managers, and Randy Pierce, Construction Administration Department Manager

Every month, the leadership team recognizes employees who have been nominated by co-workers for an action, or set of actions, that embody E&A’s core values. 

A client came into the office for a late afternoon meeting on one of the days when the temperature was below zero. He had gotten a flat tire on the interstate and made it to the parking lot of a business nearby. He then walked to our office from there, but had to worry about how he was going to get the tire fixed.

I told him I would see what I could do and went to Eric, explained the situation and asked who E&A uses for when company vehicles breakdown. He went to Randy to get his thoughts, and they decided that they would just change it for him because it would be faster.

Without hesitation Eric, Randy and Brian went out into the cold and took care of the flat tire. I don’t think it would have mattered who it was, they were willing to help.

*Submitted by Michele Czerwinski, Receptionist

Thank you to Michele for seizing upon the opportunity to assist a client with a personal challenge. Then she carried it through until she found someone who could help. Before we get too carried away with the work done by Eric, Randy and Brian, we should mention that the actual temperature was a balmy 1°F, rather than below zero. In all seriousness though, we are so proud of how they handled this situation. They truly put themselves out to lend a helping hand.