Core Value Spotlight: Mar

Our Core Values in Action

March Winner: Heather Czerwinski, Administrative Assistant

Every month, E&A’s leadership team recognizes an employee who has been nominated by a co-worker for an action or set of actions that embodies the company’s core values.

In 2019, we experienced some irregularities with payments on numerous SID projects. Heather – being aware of the issue and understanding how pay requests are processed through the SID system – took it upon herself to investigate what was happening, how it could be corrected and how it could be prevented from happening again.

She fixed the log jam and created a multi-step system which she personally oversees.

*Submitted by Mark Westergard, Civil Engineering Project Manager & Chairman of the Board

This month’s core value sighting is another great example of recognizing a problem and Engineering Answers to get it resolved. While it was a complex issue involving multiple projects, Heather took it upon herself to create a holistic solution for both our partners and our internal SID teams. Great job, Heather!