Core Value Spotlight: July

Our Core Values in Action

July Winners: John Von Dollen, Land Surveying Project Manager and Cody VanderMolen, Land Surveying Technician

A client called because their bank wanted additional items shown on an ALTA and they had their closing that afternoon. John and Cody stayed in the office over the lunch hour to get this done so the client was not delayed in their closing. I greatly appreciated their willingness to adjust quickly to meet the client’s needs.

*Submitted by Dave Harnisch, Civil Engineering Project Manager

This Core Value sighting stands out as a great example of going one step further. Cody and John did not need to stay over their lunch hour to complete the items requested. Understanding the implications to our clients for delaying a closing, they knew that those few extra hours would make a big difference and get the job done. Great job John and Cody!