Core Value Spotlight: August

Our Core Values in Action

August Winner: Nelson Flores, Municipal Services Technician

Every month, E&A’s leadership team recognizes an employee who has been nominated by a co-worker for an action or set of actions that embodies the company’s core values.

I received a phone call from a homeowner who lives in an SID that E&A manages. He wanted to commend Nelson for helping with a loose dog. Not only did Nelson stop once to help, but he came back later just to make sure the dog had found it’s way home. The homeowner was grateful for Nelson’s kindness since it seems like no one really takes time to help each other anymore.

It is always easy for people to complain rather than pass along a compliment, so I was very happy to receive this call.

*Submitted by Michele Czerwinski, Receptionist

This is a great example of why our core value is “customers” and not “clients.” “Clients” refers to those people who are engaging us and paying, while “customers” refers to anyone who we may run in to when we are performing our job. Whether it’s a surveyor accessing a neighboring property while conducting a survey, a construction technician talking with the owner of an adjacent property during construction, an E&A employee driving an E&A vehicle through a neighborhood, or anyone else who is in the field and encounters the public, we have numerous opportunities to treat people with respect, concern and patience, even if - occasionally - they do not return the professionalism. This is a great example of Nelson reinforcing the E&A brand in a positive manner.