Anna's New (For Now) Normal

My New (For Now) Normal

Anna Vega, Operations Executive Assistant

Over the next couple of weeks, we will peek into the lives of some employees to see how they are adapting during this surreal time. 

How have things changed for you?
A lot has changed for me and my family. Every day brings new challenges to our daily routine, including new sleeping patterns, ranging moods and new ways of communicating. While mostly working from home, I am balancing my E&A duties with housework and caring for our three children. Our oldest has struggled with the frustration of not seeing her friends and missing out on so many senior-year, milestone events. Our 4th grader would have preferred finishing up the year in the classroom. He constantly pushes to get done all that he can in a day. Then there is our preschooler, who is thrilled to be at home. He did not understand the concept of homeschooling and was more interested in interrupting his older siblings. My husband is often out of the house for work so I have absorbed much of this responsibility.

So how are we making it work?
We have a schedule and we try to follow it. But to be honest, we are not on track some days and that’s OK. We generally prep meals but if we don’t get to it, we have something delivered. We make time for each of us to talk to family and friends. This social connection has helped the kids a lot. We do everything together – cleaning, laundry, cooking, praying, playing and exercising. Things may take longer, but we try to enjoy our time together. We all have our bad days so we talk about the issues and allow each other the alone time to shake it off. The best part of this is realizing how it is bringing our family even closer than ever and giving us the chance to learn from each other.

Advice for others in your same situation?
Take it day-by-day. Get as organized as you can, but try not to stress about it. Seek help if you need it; none of us are perfect. Look for the opportunities to learn and grow. Stay connected with family and friends – we are all in this together and we will get through it together.