Intern Program Kickoff

E&A’s 2018 interns started off their first week in the office with introductions to the company from our leaders and a trip to go bowling with their supervisors. Prizes were awarded for wackiest bowler, worst bowler and best bowler (see photos below).

During the program, they will receive hands-on experience working closely with E&A employees in their departments. This engaging learning experience includes time in the field, time in the office and time at social events building their networking skills.  They will also hear presentations from numerous E&A employees throughout the company about their own career paths and insight into their role in the company.

The program’s capstone is an end-of-summer presentation to E&A’s leadership team, a presentation that shares what the Interns did at E&A, what they learned and any ideas they have to improve the program.

Welcome Patrick Timmerman, Jared Hemphill, Trevor Breeling, Taylor Seeley, Riley Ruskamp, Joe Manning and Matt Rennau!